Monday, March 11, 2013

Case of the Mondays...

The worst part of the week is upon us – MONDAY MORNINGS!

This particular Monday is even worse because it’s the first Monday after daylight savings and let’s just say, if I wasn’t a morning person before, I’m definitely not one now! Not only am I cranky that my sleep schedule is off, but I’m also cranky because I was not pleased with what the scale said this morning. It’s like everything is out to get me today, sheesh!

Last week was a great food week and an even better workout week for me until Sunday afternoon.

Mr. J.Bitty and I went to the movies to see “Oz the Great and Powerful” – fantastic movie, b-t-dub. Unfortunately, movie theaters are notorious for their not-so-healthy treat options. Once I walked into the theater the smell of that buttery popcorn took over my senses, but guess what – I didn't have one bite! In my opinion, buttery movie theater popcorn isn't worth the calories or the bloat you feel afterwards.

Heck yeah! I had just passed up popcorn - I thought I was good-to-go, until I saw them, sitting there in the concession stand display case, my kryptonite…SOUR PUNCH STRAWS!

I couldn’t help myself, they’re the best kind of candy – sour, sugary, gummy and strawberry all rolled into one little straw-like form. I caved, I bought a pack thinking I would only eat a few and give the rest to the hubs. Yeah, that didn’t happen. It was a long movie and I needed something to snack on – right?? WRONG! #worstideaever

Those sour punch straws, though very delicious, were my “gateway drug” to eating terrible the rest of the day. By the end of the day I had consumed a homemade mini pizza (which wasn’t too bad in calories, but just didn’t have any veggies on it), a steak taco with cheese from Fuego (best place to get tacos in the B/CS) and an obscene amount of chips and guacamole (my other kryptonite).  

Even though I snuck in a workout in between stuffing my face yesterday, I feel ‘blah’ today. I feel bloated, sluggish and guilty for eating so terribly. I know we all have our “cheat” days, but I should have stopped at the sour punch straws. It’s astonishing how you can eat healthy and workout all week and then one day filled with bad choices can completely change that little number on the scale. It’s no wonder how I got myself into this predicament – in the past I had a lot of “cheat” days like yesterday, sans the workout.

That’s another thing I need to work on – not weighing myself ALL the time. I’m a scale-a-holic and I really need to work on that. At one point it got so bad I made the hubs hide the scale from me and only give it to me once a week. I might need him to do that again.  

Enough of being such a ‘Negative Nelly’…

On a happier note, I’m going on 9 days in a row of working out and I’m loving it! Don’t worry, I’m not over-doing it. I listen to my body and if there is a day where I really just need to rest, then I will. But for now I’m on an excellent streak and I look forward to the benefits!

I had a great talk with Kristen, my (favorite) zumba instructor, after class on Saturday morning and we were discussing ways to eat healthy and to hold ourselves accountable for what we eat. She had mentioned taking a picture of your meal before you eat it and I think I may try that. I've done it a few times and though it can be redundant, it’ll keep you honest.

Sorry for the cranky post, I promise tomorrow will be better.

I hope everyone has a healthy and happy week,

Mrs. J. Bitty

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