Thursday, March 28, 2013

Power Training and Birthday Week

I started writing this on Monday and about half-way thru I started getting a migraine, but I’m better now and finished the rest today. ENJOY!

Power Training:
Not sure if I have any loyal readers yet, but sorry for the lack of posts this last week and a half.  My life has been going a mile a minute and this is the first time I’ve been able to sit down and gather my thoughts. Well actually yesterday was, but I used that time to watch the complete first season of Gossip Girl on Netflix – how on Earth did I let that show slip by me?!?

When I left you all a few weeks ago I was just about to start my “Spring Break.”  At my job we get the Friday of Spring Break off, but I went ahead and took that Thursday off too and it was great! The weather was beautiful and I even got to double up on my Zumba classes on Thursday!

That Saturday I went to 9:00 Zumba as usual and by the end of the class, Kaye (mother of my awesome zumba instructor) and Kristen (my awesome zumba instructor) had convinced me to stay for the Power Training class afterwards. I had been toying with the idea of adding Power Training onto my fitness membership but I had been reluctant because that stuff is INTENSE.  This was the perfect time to try it out – so I stayed and INTENSE it was!!!

I worked muscles that I had never worked before - 80 lunges, 40 pull-ups, 40 sit-ups, 2 million (at least that’s what it felt like!) squats with a medicine ball and a kettle ball, oh and about 5 million burpees (again, that’s what it felt like!). Some of my workouts were modified since I hadn’t officially taken the Power Training intro classes, but I felt like I hung in there. Sunday and Monday were rough on the muscles, but nothing a little soak in an Epsom Salt bath couldn’t cure.  Mr. J. Bitty and I are now signed up for the Power Training intro classes next week!

Stay Tuned for more Power Training with Mr. and Mrs. J Bitty…

Kristen and me after my first power training class on St. Patty's day! #beastmode
An Epsom Salt bath is the best for curing your muscle aches and pains after an intense workout. 

Birthday Week:

In case you hadn’t heard my Birthday was last week and boy did Mr. J. Bitty do it up right! Every day of the week leading up to my birthday the hubs gave me a little gift with a card. On Monday he started the week off with a political humor card and flowers. Tuesday was “JT Day” and he specially delivered the new JT album, ‘The 20/20 Experience’ and some sour punch bites to my job. On Wednesday there was another special delivery when I got home from work of delicious cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcake. And on Thursday – THE BIG DAY, Mr. J. Bitty made me a mini homemade pizza with the pizza stones I had gotten as an early birthday present a few weeks before with a sweet card from him and another one from the pups. All in all my Birthday day/week was the BEST yet!

Until next time,

Day 1: Political Humor from Mr. J. Bitty

Day 2: 'JT DAY' and sour punch bites
Day 3: Georgetown Cupcake 

My Birthday: Homemade pizza and  sweet cards from the pups and the hubs. 

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