Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Not exactly a Yogi...

A couple of weeks ago a few co-workers and I decided that we needed to do something active during our lunch break because sitting behind a desk for 8 hours a day could drive anyone crazy. After we weighed our options, we all decided on yoga because you don’t get sweaty and it could help to relieve stress.

Today was our first official day of lunch-time yoga and let me tell you, it was BORING! I had some reservations in the beginning about doing yoga, because…

a.) There’s no music – so how am I supposed to shake my thang?!
b.) I took a few yoga classes in college (when I was in my prime) and even back then I    couldn't do some of those crazy poses! My body just doesn't bend or twist in certain ways.

After 20-minutes of what I thought was major boredom, we all decided that since this was just day one of lunch-time yoga, we should keep it up for the rest of the week. You never know, I might actually start enjoying it. Stay tuned...

B-t-dub, I would just like to give mad props (I’m a little gangsta sometimes) to the yogis out there! More power to you and your bendy/twisted little bodies.


Mrs. J. Bitty

p.s.this is as exciting as it got for me at lunch-time yoga today…
Looking forward to shaking what my momma gave me at Zumba tonight!

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